Saturday, April 07, 2007

Felices Pascuas! (Ken)

Helen and I were both born and raised Catholic. Although we don’t really practice, we go to the Easter Vigil each year. Our younger daughter, Katherine, usually goes with us. But tonight, we were in Recoleta. So we went to Inglesia de Nuestra Señora del Pilar.

We were amazed how the service was just like home. Same fire, same candles, same melodies of the hymns. It was rather reassuring to lean agains the cool wall of an 18th century church and watch the Easter vigil just like people have done for almost 300 years.

Tomorrow, we will get up and have coffee with our Rosca and have Easter dinner together.

Felices Pascuas! mis amigos


Kathleen Kerr-Schochet said...

Your west coast family will be gathering in Orinda for an Easter BBQ. Looks like mid seventies and bright sunshine. We'll hide an Easter egg for you and give a prize to the kid who finds it! Have a wonderful celebration.

Chas said...

What's a Rosca?

kerrbc said...

Your midwest family will be gathering at Bill & Connie's to attempt to thaw out by the fire. Looks like more snow (12 to 18 inches) and temps in the mid twenties and low thirtees. We will bury an egg in the driveway and make all the grandkids shovel it clear of snow till they find it. The Indians (baseball team) have had 5 games/makeup games snowed out in the last three day. Never happened before in the 100 year history of the team - here's to Global Warming. Enjoy!

Dr. K said...

A Rosca is a sweet bread ring baked with fruit on top.