Thursday, April 05, 2007

. . .and again! (Ken)

You will notice that there is no photograph accompanying this blog entry. That is because my camera was stolen from me today on the street in the middle of the afternoon. Helen and I were taking a city tour. I was looking at some architectural features of a particulalry interesting building when I felt someone crash into me, wrap his arm around me to hold me still, rip my camera case from my belt, and run across Ave. de Mayo.

It took two seconds.

Ironic, isn't it. I write about crime and the next afternoon become a crime victim.


Caroline G said...

Oh, crap! Poor Kenny! I'm so sorry this happened to you. . . . and I'm really gonna miss the pictures.

Gonna get another camera? (A disposable)?

Kat said...

I am sooo sorry, my friend.

Jos said...

Lo siento, Ken.