Friday, April 06, 2007

17 things I like about Argentina and . . . (Ken)

After over three months, I am ready to make a list of things I like about this place:

1. I am tall here.
2. Eating in restaurants and cafés.
3. Public Transportation
4. The "Live and let live" attitude.
5. The ketchup, mustard and mayonaise that come in bags instead of bottles and jars.
6. I don't have to drive anywhere, ever.
7. The bread.
8. Really good street musicians.
9. The weekend artisan fairs.
10. I can afford to drink nice wine.
11. The weather.
12. Empenadas
13. The people are really nice looking here.
14. Universal health care.
15. Personal responsibility.
16. Parrillas and asados
17. Exploring the city on foot and on my bike.

. . .and 17 things I miss about home:

1. My dog.
2. Variety in (and good tasting )beer.
3. Speaking English.
4. Quiet.
5. Trees.
6. Playing music with other musicians.
7. The ease of buying things.
8. CNN and NPR
9. Reading the Sunday paper and watching the Sunday political talk shows.
10. Feeding the birds in my backyard.
11. Seeing the stars at night.
12. Working on projects in my yard.
13. Window screens.
14. Spicy food.
15. Following local politics.
16. Making good coffee at home in the morning.
17. Going to work, being with my students and my colleagues.


Kathleen Kerr-Schochet said...

Hey- I didn't see anything about family there! You'd think we'd at least make it in seventeen items- if Jack is #1, where does that leave us?

Dr. K said...

Well, If you think about it, I can talk to all of you . . .

Jack is the only one I have had no communication with.

99 said...

I´m sure you guys are #1 in many people´s list and of course in Jack´s too.
Sorry about your camera.
If you guys miss the trees try going to the Jardin Botanico; it´s close, really beautiful and you can feed... the cats!
I was owing you this music link: "La casa del Blues"
I "like the I am tall here" part, I feel the same ;)

Caroline G said...

I'm sure Jack misses you like mad. Think of that happy day when you come home and can say "Jaaaaack!" and he comes running up and wags his whole body. Won't that be great?

Heck, when I see you guys again I'll wag my whole body too!!

Chas said...

99 --

Regarding BOTAFOGO (on the "casa del Blues" site), I find the image of the "escopetarra" disturbing, despite whatever it might be intended to symbolize.

Juan said...

Chas, due to the article "escopetarra" means a gun turned guitar. Imagine a world with Guitarras instead of guns...
Ken & Helen: Sorry about your camera too.
¡Felices Pascuas!

Dr. K said...

Dear 99,

I really like your blog photo. Each time you respond I notice it, so thought it time I told you,


99 said...

Thanks Helen, but look closer... there are looots of wrinkles...

(Guitars instead of guns, what a great dream Juan!)

Chas said...

Juan --
Yes, I got the whole swords-into-plowshares connection. But if I saw a guy playing such a guitar, it would look like he was glorifying the fusil.

emilyeffinconrad said...

I believe you left out

18. Emily