Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Birth of a Parrilla

While I was still in Argentina, my friend , Charley, sent me some photos of my yard. I decided on this spot for the parrilla.

I dug a footer 22 inches deep to be below the frost line and so the poplar tree roots would not get under the base.

It took two yards of concrete to make the footer. My friend Mark joined the effort at this point.

Once the footer dried, we started laying block.

I could only do two courses at a time. It is autumn here now, and the sun goes down pretty early.

We then made a frame to pur a slab.

Mark tied the rebar to the wire mesh before we mixed the concrete. It took 16, 60 pund bags of concrete to complete the slab.

We made sure it was level.

Once the slab dried and we removed the frame, we started laying block again. My friend Richard joined the effort.

Last weekend, we had friends from Cordoba visit. I needed to get the parrilla functional so we could have an asado last Sunday. It is not finished but it is functional.

I'll have to disassemble the fire brick and finish the chimney. We will start on that next week.

But for now, we all had a good time, and I cooked my first asado.