Thursday, January 04, 2007

The ying and yang of Ken and Helen (by Helen)

I just read Ken´s last blog, with often melancoly, lofty thoughts, and rhythmic phrases. OK, that is SO not me. I am here to tell you how the salad was served.
We made it thru a day at the mall. There wasn´t anything that we didn´t do. Sometimes we do the right things by accident. For example, all the bathrooms are on the top floors. So I found the ¨Toilet¨ sign which led me into this strange sort of area with 4 doors that led to god-knows-where. And, again, that deer- in- the- head- lights look because an old man told me, in spanish, which I still do not understand, to go up this long staircase into no-where land to the bathrooms. (if you cant climb stairs then you cant pee) Up I went, and he must have been keeping an eye on me b/c I reach the top, pause, carefully decide, and start for the men´s room. He hollers up the cavernous staircase and points in the other direction. I holler back ¨gracias¨ and make it to the correct side of the gender divide.
So, back to the salad. Lunch specials are common, which means that when you order meat, you also get something to go with it. Today, Ken got a salad with his meat. The salad was a large plate of cut up romaine with a few celery slices in it. No dressing. So, we looked around and found the equivalent of balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, and oil, from different tables. Voila! Salad dressing. No pepper. Remember, pepper is in the international section of the grocery store. That same grocery store section has, tobasco sauce and pringles, and gasp! , cheez in a spray can!
The service, by the way, has been excellent everywhere we have been.
Next time I will order what the woman next to us had - Something with legumbres. Or maybe I can get the meat with legumbres.
It was a great day and so far I like it here a lot.


Kat Acosta said...

Hola mi amigos! Mi gusto mucho el blog! Como se dice "blog" en Espanol?

I am so thrilled to be living vicariously; it's almost like being there. I love your descriptions! International Cheez whiz? Yikes!

I am sorry we weren't able to make connection before your departure, but know that I will be following your every move on this blog with eager anticipation! Thanks for allowing us to share in your adventure!

Love you lots!

Ken and Helen said...

Dear Kathy, Lea, Kat, Jordan, Johnson, Hanson, Acosta, my love. God with that name you could be a soap opera star. (or a latina)

Oh, my gosh I must be learning some spanish b/c it is ¨mis¨ amigos and ¨a mi me gusta¨ el blog.


Kat Acosta said...

OMG you know all of my names! You didn't miss one! You are an amazing woman, Helen! (But we already knew that didn't we?)

Thanks for the correction on the Espanol. I think I speak more "Mexican". It was different in Spain too.

I wish I were there with you guys!

xoxoxox (now how does *that* translate?)