Sunday, January 07, 2007


I went out to an expat bar called Shoeless Joe´s Alamo Bar this evening to watch the Giants-Eagles game. I had beent here twice before and it was quite sedate.

But tonight, the place was full--mostly men, mostly Americans--all there to watch the NFL playoff game.

Helen wasn´t much interested in football and had been there with me before, and it´s just not her scene. "If I wanted to go to an American bar, I could have stayed at home," is what she said. Honestly, I can´t argue with that, but this is the playoffs. Anyway, I went without her and sat and watched the game. I got to tell you, it´s just not the same. I had a Quilmes chopp and was about to head out when a group of four sat next to me. Canadians. Patty and Kevin Kelly from Ontario with another couple--related I believe. Patty, the 70-year old wife of Kevin, told me how they had just got in this afternoon. They own a pub in a small town in Ontario. "Been all over the world because of that pub," she tells me. Germany to see the breweries, France and Italy to see the vinyards--the list went on. They don´t speak a word of Spanish and don´t seem to care. That´s not why they are here. Strictly tourists. Well, they got a large table that would accommodate them all and said goodbye.

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