Friday, January 12, 2007

Beckham and Madonna by Helen

Is the story of Beckham moving to Los Angeles on the news every 5 minutes in the states?

Television shows don´t have as many commercials here, so when the show ends at about 7-10 minutes before the hour that time is filled with stuff like videos. The ghastly Madonna video is on every hour! and on more than one channel. BYW you can watch Little House on the Prairie in spanish every day, and several times too!

Beckham, Madonna, Beckham, Madonna, Beckham, Madonna, Beckham, Madonna. . . . .
The top photo is what you will see for hours on BA television. And the bottom photo is - can you believe it - Madonna on TV talking about Beckham.


emilyeffinconrad said...

you know the British store downtown? well they have a huge sign outside that says WELCOME TO USA DAVID BECKHAM.

*shakes head*

Chas said...

Duh... who the hell is Beckham??

Dana said...

I'm with Charlie, who the hell is Beckham? Ravens lost yesterday! It is a ver boring game. Not one touchdown was made. Colts 15 Ravens 6. All Field goals.