Sunday, January 28, 2007

Feliz cumpliaños a mi (Ken)

We celebrated my birthday tonight--mostly because tomorrow, we have to study for our Spanish final exam.
Thank you everyone who gave Helen a card to bring (and to Lee who actually mailed his and it actually got here). I opened them after dinner at the restaurant we go to near our apartment.
We went to the negocio de musica esta tarde and bought the guitar have been looking at for my 50th birthday present.
On our way back home, we stumbled upon a videe/TV/movie shoot. It was a big production at the corner of Guido y Juncal. I have no idea what they were filming but there were happy people dancing in front of a car.
The little park at the corner was all done up in Yellow and orange and green. There were several sets: a cafe. a shop, and the dancing in the street scene. We hung around for a while and watched them work.
The weather has been great. Low humidi¡ty, 60´s at night, 80´s during the day (non USA people, you´ll have to do your own conversions, I am a little tired right now).


Bill Maisel said...

Hey, I'm just trying to wish you a Happy 50th Birthday and this site needs to see my passport or something... I'll be right back

Bill Maisel said...

O.K. I'm back. I knew today was your birthday, but then it dawned on me... this is your FIFTIETH BIRTHDAY. I see you were able to celebrate last night. Sorry about not having posted a card your direction ahead of time.

Do you have an e-mail address down there too? How do I send an attachment with these things?

Ken and Helen said...


All the old USA email addresses work here. How do things look for a visit?


Chas said...


Caroline G said...

And I hope it was a truly Mooo-ey Bueno Birthday for ya! (I hope the cow pic reminded you of the charming agricultural community of Frederick, you urban sophisticate, you!)

Kenny Kerr, I swear to god I think I keep seeing you here. If you weren't providing the photographic evidence to the contrary I would swear this trip was a hoax. Maybe I'm just seeing what I want to see. I miss you guys.