Sunday, January 07, 2007

Shoeless Joe´s

The bar itself is in a beautiful old mansion. There are two section. Downstairs is the pub with the sports on TV. There is another entrance to get upstairs where there is music and table seating. It seems the expats gather downstairs for the sports TV and the Porteños prefer the upstairs for talking, and drinking, and eating.
It´s a 15-minute walk from my apartment. The beer is relatively cheap--$5 for a draft (called chopp), that´s about U$1.30. You can get a Big Ol´ American style hamburger for $15 (U$5).
An interesting feature is that ladies drink free almost all day and everyone gets free beer with lunch. So, my friends, do the math: a five dollar hamburder and free beer. You can´t get that at Burger King!

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Chas said...

Now THAT'S having it your way!