Sunday, February 11, 2007

When you think of American food, think spray cheese (Ken)

When you think of American food, what comes to mine. I mean, what is American food? Hot dogs and hamburgers? No, I think we origionally got those from Germany. Meat and potatoes? Wrong again; the way they do that here puts the USA to shame.

Most great culinary cultures have signature foods that they can call their own. When you think of Italy, Mexico, China, Greece, a whole array of nation-specific dishes come to mine. So what is USAmerican food? Is there such a thing?

According to the United States section at Jumbo, the big grocery store in Buenos Aires, it is peanut butter, maple syrup, A-1 sauce, and cheese in an aerosol can.

For some strange reason, Tabasco sauce is in the USA section while pringles are in the North American section. I still can´t figure that out.

So for those of you who were wondering what the rest of the world thinks of when they think of American food--they think spray cheese. Oh, and McDonald's--the shame, the shame.


Ana María said...

Bueno pero entonces ¿qué tal la comida?. Por lo que veo te fuiste a buscar lo de EE.UU. Lo último que me dijiste fue que estabas un poco delgado. ¿Qué tal la carne, tan buena como esperabas?

Chas said...

Que lastima -- Ana Maria escribe en espanol! Deme mi diccionario!