Monday, February 12, 2007

Bueller´s Brew Pub (Ken)

For those beer drinkers among you who are in Buenos Aires or planning to visit, you may find yourself growing tired of Quilmes and Stella. My friend and fellow blogger, Alan Patrick and I went out to Bueller's Brewing Company in Recoletta to see if we cold find a palatable pint. We ordered a sample of all six micro brews and delved a bit deeper with a few of our favorites. Here is what we found. You can also read Alan's review on his website as well

Bueller´s IPA

We found this little brew to be not particularly aromatic. It had a slightly cloudy appearance, yet translucent with a hint of gold. It had a modest head that held its own throughout the pint. The hoppy-ness was underwhelming, just a hint, and you had to look for it. The flavor had a hint of apricot or banana. The finish was not as clean as we would have liked with a bit of a bitter aftertaste. Not that bitter is bad, but it is definitely there. For an IPA, it does not quite live up to its name.

Cream Stout

This pint behaved like a stout showing definite evidence of nitrogen. It settled very quickly, not nearly as long as one would wait for a Guiness to calm. It had a creamy head with a definite terminator. It was jet black and completely opaque—even at the edges. There was an immediate taste of coffee. Rather like those coffee-flavored chocolates one finds in the selection box. The ones that everyone leaves for last after all of the caramels and fruit creams have long been eaten. The barley was roasted but not to the point of being burnt. It had a coffee start and a chocolate finish.

Light Lager

This lager arrived with an anemic head that dissipated quickly. This lager was clear with a light amber appearance. It was light bodied, but with a definite body. We found it to be slightly complex in a simple way. It had a shandy-like , spritzy quality. There was light, playful carbonation that tickled the tongue. It was a refreshing brew. On a summer’s day, this is the choice. We found it very drinkable. When you drink a Quilmes, it drinks back. This little beer behaves itself and accepts its fate.

Cream Pale Ale

This clear calabasa colored ale arrived with a creamy head that remained throughout clinging to the inside of the glass. It had a malty start that was consistent to the finish. It had a thickness on the tongue, a full-bodied flavor. Yet, like its cousin, the IPA, it is not a particularly interesting beer.

Honey Beer

The head on this pint hold up for you until you are ready to drink. It is a clear standard colored lager with an aroma of citrus. It is sweet with honey comb flavor. Curiously, it had slightly more hop flavor than did the IPA and the Cream Pale Ale. At 8.5% alcohol content, it is the strongest of the beers, yet it hides the alcohol well. This was our favorite of the day deserving a second pint.


This is the darkest of the clears at Bueller’s. The head waned a bit while waiting to be drunk. It had a strong yet indefinable aroma that we decided was somewhat akin to cotton candy (or candy floss for our UK readers). The initial sweetness transforms into a malty tartness in the finish. Not a bad beer, yet not it did not make our first tier.

Our recommendations:

If you are headed out for an evening of beer drinking and plan to drink quite a few, stick with Bueller´s Light Lager. For a flavorful paint, take in the Cream Stout. Rounding out our top three is the Honey Beer, yet watch yourself with the 8.5% alcohol in this one.

The Oktoberfest is the lone resident of our second tier. It is worth consideration, but not quite as good as the top three.

Bringing up the rear in Bueller´s lineup of in-house brews are the ales. For anyone who truly enjoys the flavor of ale, you will probably be disappointed.


Chas said...

Dr. K, unlike the Oktoberfest, your head clearly didn't wane even a little bit while waiting to be drunk.

Dude, when I get down there, ya gotta line me up wit one a them beers that drinks back!

Frank.Sugar&Spice said...

It would be interesting for you guys to try the other microbrewery in Palermo Viejo and see what you think. It´s called Antares and I think they also serve you a sampling of all their beers. I live in the area but I am off on vacation so I won´t get to visit the place until I come back.

Ken and Helen said...

Great idea. Do you want to come along? We can wait for you. Let me know when you are back from vacation.

Alan Patrick said...

Sounds good Ken and Frank... Antares is great... I prefer their beers to Buller, and I've been meaning to do a proper review of them for a while :)

After that, I also want to review Cossab in barrio Boedo, which is supposed to have the widest range of beers in the city, and a taste rack with 10 or more beers on it!

Bob said...

Tom said...

Ken and Patrick, let me know when you plan to "review" Antares. We just got back from Bariloche and saw an Antares there but never made it in.