Friday, February 02, 2007

Finally, some home cookin´ (Ken)

For those of you who have been keeping up, you know we have had food issues. The restaurants here are very good--even if we don´t always know what we are ordering and what arrives is often a surprize. But sometimes, we just want to stay home and cook something familiar.
However, so much is different here: the cuts of meat are called different things and sometimes look strange, the vegetables are inconsistent, they are not much on spices here.
We have been told, and rightly so, that the best vegetables are not in the grocery store, but at the fruit and vegetable stands. OK, but the best chesse is at the Quesoria and the best deli meats are at the Fiambria, and the best bread is at the Panaria, and on, and on . . .
Shopping for food becomes a part-time job. But last night, Helen had a brainstorm. Looking at the available foodstuffs within the confines of the Disco, she suggested pot roast.
It was great, it tasted like home. It was a little piece of the best part of the USA created right here in our little kitchen in Recoleta.


Chas said...

MMmmmm... li'l pot roast... li'l vino tinto... que no es gustar?

Jos said...

The food looks delicous! I will be visiting Argentina (Mendoza) in a week. I'm very excited as it will be my first visit to South America.

Que tengan un buen dia!

kerrbc said...