Saturday, February 17, 2007

Super Panchos (Ken)

Helen had a lunch date today with her new friend Deby in Palermo. The weather is rather bad today, 60s and drizzle, so I was at loose ends as to what to do with myself. So, I rode the colectivo to Palermo with her and walked back down Avenida Santa Fe to Recoleta.
Along the way, I got an Argentine hot dog--a Super Pancho. Here they are served with potatoe sticks. Many people get them with mayonaise, but I ordered mine with mustard. However, the mustard here is more like Chinese mustard. (Charley, remember to bring some yellow mustard when you come).
They don´t have much taste. It´s not Nathan´s of Coney Island or Hebrew National. But I am not giving up. I will buy some at the supermercado and see if I can Americanize them at home. Stay tuned.
If I want something really authentic, I could get a chorizopan at the parilla across the street. Hmmm. . . there´s a thought.


emilyeffinconrad said...

charley is going to see you? wtf?

hey, at least it is above, oh I don't know, 50 there. I spent 2 hours digging my car out of an igloo today.


Mia said...

I don't know how long those "super panchos" have been around, first time I see one (it's been a while since I last visited my city of birth) and it doesn't look anything like an Argentine pancho which is no different from the hot dogs you can get in Toronto, Chicago, New York, only the Argentine hot dog buns are tastier, in my opinion.

BTW, Ken, has cebado mate using the method I described?

Have you heard of "mate cocido"? Also a traditional drink. You just make a tea with the yerba and serve it with milk and sugar.

Chas said...

Eschew the Dan Quayle spelling of potato.

(Apologies to the Argentines and others who don't know or care who Dan Quayle is... was.)

Caroline G said...

My Dan Quayle alarm went off when I saw that potato with an "e" too. It made me shudder. What are they doing to your American English down there, Kenny-Joe?

miss tango in her eyes said...

Eh em...speaking of mustard....