Saturday, May 19, 2007

Some Favorite Pictures (Ken)

This is a really great statue of a gaucho. It stands in the square in Mataderos. I wish I could find a minuature replica to take back to the USA with me. There are many parallels between the American cowboy and the Argentine gaucho. Both have a cool mythology--but I think the gauchos edge out the cowboys in overall coolness.

Dogs are everywhere in Buenos Aires. Unfortunately, many appear to be strays. But what amazes me most is that they are so socilized--completely comfortable around people and other dogs. Many look sick and weak, and it breaks my heart sometimes. Overall, dogs here are well behaved. Often, they are walked on city streets without needing leashes. They pretty much ignore any human who is not their owner. They don't wander into traffic or bother other people. Yes, there is the problem of relieveing themselves on the sidewalk--but that is really the responsibility of the owner--not the dog.

Here is a picture I took of Iglesia Nuestra SeƱora del Pilar near the Recoleta Cemetary. It is a beautiful colonial chuch that is even more striking at night.

I love passing by these fruit stands. This one is on Zabala in Belgrano. They are so pretty and colorful. The vendors seem to take great pride and care to arrange and stack the colorful fruits a vegatables. Pictures like this actually take themselves.

Finally, Argentina has a really pretty flag. It looks especially beautiful against the clear blue Autumn sky.

Perhaps I like it so much because it holds a striking resemblance to the sun in the Kerr Family crest.


C said...

Had a lot of fun reading your blog
these past months , a very insightful look thru the eyes of "gringos". Ive been to BA a couple of times and encountered some of the same things. I am hispanic and even though I can speak spanish sometimes It was very hard to understand Portenos. Sorry I cant be at your party .

Good Luck
San Juan PR

Ken and Helen said...

Gracias C
We hope to visit PR soon.