Friday, May 11, 2007

Going home soon (Helen)

Our time here is coming to an end – two more weeks. Before I came here I remember somebody telling me that following a similar trip, she couldn’t really answer people’s questions about it for quite some time. That sounded so odd to me. However, now I totally understand what she means. We didn’t come here for a vacation, we came here to live. Yet, that was naïve; we don’t live here, we are but spectators that live on the outside while maintaining our place in our own world. It is exhilarating as well as depressing.

It's strange having a foot in two worlds, you can't really live in either one. This one is temporary and home is unavailable. With all the ex-pats here, there is always an active social life available to us, with really interesting, adventurous and ecclectic people, but they will be gone soon, or we will be gone soon.

It will be good to be home with familiar people with whom I have a history as well as a future.


Chas said...

Helen, that picture is so poignant. C'mere, lemme give you a little hug.

See ya soon...

Ken and Helen said...

Thanks Chas - I feel the love from here.


Kat Acosta said...

Wow, Helen, I got goose bumps reading this. I wanna give you a hug too! Big hug coming at you!

Wish *I* could see ya soon. Miss you!

Ken and Helen said...

Thanks Kathy Lea Kat. I need lots of hugs about now.