Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Fellow Blogger Contest (Ken)

If there is one thing that bloggers like, it is knowing that people are actually reading their blogs. We all post links to our favorite bloggers so that our readers can easily check them out. My friend, Alan, told me about his friend Ceasar, and a win-a-steak contest he is having to try and get some new readers the website he and some friends have.

Steak or not, I am always willing to help out fellow bloggers, so here are my three favorite posts from Argentina's Travel Guide. (Just click the underlined word to read the post.)

1. Because Helen and I are planning trip to Iguazu, I enjoyed Danielle Del Balso's description of the boat ride under the falls.
2. Ushuaia was in the news quite a bit recently as President Kirchner was supposed to make a major speech there on the 25th anniversary of the Malvines/Falklands war. I was hoping to get south, but with colder weather coming, and not having proper clothing with me, I guess I'll have to settle for Samantha Walters' description.
3. Finally, I enjoyed Danielle Del Balso's description of grocery shopping in Buenos Aires. My post on the same subject got quite a lot of discussion.

Happy reading!


Dana Bedini Kehoe said...

Dear Ken and Helen,
You'll love Cataratas, but get ready to get soaked under the falls.
Love your blog!

Chas said...

Wow, you guys... how did you NOT take me to these falls?? (Those blogs have a way of making you wanna go to those places!)

Cesar said...

Hi Ken, thanks for joining the Argentina's Travel Guide Contest and good luck!