Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Our Home for Four Weeks

Saturday January 3, 2015

We settle into our new home.  

When we were here in 2007 we met Tom and Maya who are world travelers and still own this small apartment in Palermo.  It is in a different neighborhood then our last two visits, which is good for a change, and it is closer to school.  

The room is a rectangle approximately 17 ft by 31 ft.  Within the rectangle is a bathroom whose outside wall makes the area for the kitchenette.  The kitchen counter top has a sink and a two burner stove top.  As you can see from the picture there is a back splash about 2 ft high with Ikea-type stainless steel hangers.  There are your basic pots and pans.  (One thing I have learned from traveling is that renters use metal on Teflon pans and so the pan is usually beat to hell, therefore, we brought our own small Teflon pan from home.  We were surprised here though, because of the two Teflon pans in the cabinet, only one needed to be thrown away.)   The rest of the rectangle has furniture dividing it into eating, living and sleeping.  There is a small cut out for a balcony and we can open that door.  This is a fairly new building, which is great because the plumbing is new, it is not so great because it does not have the wonderful  wooden shutters called parisons that black out all the light.    (I’m glad I travel with a comfortable eye mask)

You can see from the website the decor is aesthetically pleasing in typical Maya creative fashion.  There are lots of unexpected surprises in drawers and cabinets, such as electric adapters, a house cell phone,  coffee, tea, sugar, a blow dryer! Yay! Two liters of beer with cold glasses, cookies, American mustard, and more.  

 The bed is comfortable – bonus – and so are the pillows.  The sofa tends to swallow you up when you sit on it, but for Argentina, this is a fabulous sofa.  

We are across the street from a grocery store and six blocks from some great restaurants. 
The apartment faces the back, not the street, so you cannot watch the pulse of the city, but it is quieter.

It's good to unpack, settle in, and have a comfortable place to call our own.  

If you plan a stay in Palermo, this is a good choice of apartment.


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