Monday, August 06, 2007

Helen's High School Reunion

Last Saturday, we went to Helen’s 35th high school reunion in Silver Spring, Maryland. Helen was unquestionably the most beautiful woman in the room and arguably the life of the party.

She worked the room like a politician: telling everyone who wonderful they looked and how she has such fond memories of them from school. She was a star and the room was in orbit around her.

There was a really good Top-40 band fronted by a member of Helen’s class. Once the dancing started, Helen was getting groups together, making the wall flowers get up, even leading everyone in a conga line that circled the dance floor.

Every man in the room searched for an opportunity to talk to her.

I kept her drink filled, and checked in on her frequently. There was a caricature artist in the lobby. This was not my school, and no one knew me, so I told the artist that I was a computer programmer who has the hobbies of martial arts—especially the nunchucks-- and bow hunting.

I wanted a Napoleon Dynamite picture with my skills: “computer hacking skills, nunchuck skills, and bow hunting skills.” I thought 50 dead wolverines would be too much for him to draw.

The swinging nun chucks kind of look

like a wheelchair, and the bow hunting became archery, but I was laughing to myself the entore time he was drawing because it was so rediculous and he so totally believed me.


Chas said...

Lookit Helen, running for president! (I TOTALLY hope you get elected! Things'll be different then, I bet!)

BTW, what I saw in that caricature (before I looked at it carefully) was a guy in a wheelchair, working the grill! How I turned the laptop into a grill is a mystery. Maybe it had something to do with that goofy striped tanktop, I dunno.

emilyeffinconrad said...

man I love you guys

Caroline G said...

Kenny Kerr, you are such a riot. Aren't you bad, misleading a poor caricature artist like that!! HA!

Things WILL be different, Charlie, when Helen is elected president, just you wait and see. We'll get a snack machine in the corridor outside principal Henniger's office, and we'll be able to bring college boys to the prom and. . . well, it'll be GREAT!! Class of '73 FOREVER!!!

manik said...

which all bows you use? i love recurve bows