Sunday, June 24, 2007

Week Three (Ken)

A few days after we returned, my friend, Alison, called to see if I was availabel to play a show at Theater on the Hill in Westminster, Maryland--"Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." I gratefully accepted.

One of the things I really missed about being in Buenos Aires was that I didn't get a chance to play any music--I tried, there just was no opportunity. So this was great. Here I am in the orchestra pit at McDaniel College (glamorous huh?).

I was cleaning up the yard and had a little campfire.

Here is the site I am preparing to build my parrilla.

I am still feeling a bit out of sorts about being home--it's like I am neither here nor there. I am glad to be home, but someting is not quite right.

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Tina Tangos said...

I know how you feel. After coming back from Italy, something is just not... right. My month-long detour to Argentina took the edge off things a little bit, but when you discover yourself in a new place, it's never the same again when you get back "home".