Friday, March 02, 2007

It is after March 1st and boy did it get busy here! (by Helen)

I was told by several people that BA is very calm in the summer. Half the people leave in January, and then the other half leave in February. And we did see many restaurants and various negocios with signs on them - closed for the whole month of either Jan or Feb. Yet, still I thought, just how much busier could it get? It was already very crowded, having to worm your way through the streets, with often standing room only on the bus.
But school was scheduled to start today (it didn't b/c of a teachers strike) and everybody came back from where ever they were. Now I understand what people were telling me. The streets are PACKED with people. Kids are everywhere. The buses are great examples of sardine cans, with people crammed into spots on the bus that I didn't think was possible. In fact we saw buses that just wouldn't let another person on until somebody else got off. In places on the street where news stands take up space, it was almost impossible to even move. It looks like Times Square on Thanksgiving Day weekend, only more so.
To all you people who told me about this, entiendo todo.


Mia said...

Your description gives the impression that those buses, sidewalks, neighborhoods are busy all day long. Maybe only during rush hour?

The teachers always strike during the first week of class. :(

Ken and Helen said...

You may be right. It was Friday afternoon in Once. But . . .Friday afternoons in Once did not look like that in January.

There was probably a lot of last-minute back-to-school shopping.