Sunday, December 31, 2006

first impressions by Helen

The plane ride was, as I expected, long and horrible. If I slept a total of one of the 11 hours, and in pieces I may add, then I am probably overstating. But then everything went smooth as silk. Quick, efficient, polite and easy. Customs didn´´t (don´´t know why this spanish keyboard does a double apostrophe, but it just does) even look at my bag, just asked me where I was from, then told me in spanish to go thru, and I just stood there looking at him like a deer in the head lights, and so he waved me thru.

When I walk the street it feels just like New York, except that I am one of those foreigners carrying on a conversation in another language.

Our 2 bedroom apt is technically a 2 bedroom. The second bedroom room has this computer set up in. It is approx 8 x 10 with a small closet. No bed. Two bathrooms tho. One with a bidet and a toliet that sits pretty darn high up off the floor - my feet can dangle. The other potty is NOT for fat people - no room. Both of the bedrooms back up to a gorgeous, and very large terrace that wraps around in an L shape from the back of the apt to the front, with a plastic table and 8 chairs. The kitchen is a galley type, small, with a few cabinets, nice marble counter top, and then a living room with a 2.5 foot square 4 seater dining table, a love seat with two end tables and a coffee table and two chairs (like captains dining chairs for a dining room table). Again - reminds me of NY. We are on the 3rd floor so can take the steps. The elevator can squeeze in maybe 3 normal sized people.

Because there are 3 pesos to each 1 dollar, the prices are good for us, but quite expensive for the porteƱos. For example, we just ate a cute ¨diner¨ where we got a ham sandwich for 4.50 pesos. But you don´´t order tap water, you order a beverage. A bottle of water, or coke is also 4.50 pesos. The sandwich was good, but way small by US standards. Just one slice of ham in thin bread. The ice cream cones are what we would consider the kiddie cone. I digress, so a small sandwich and beverage is 9 pesos which is a lot for the locals.

One thing NOT like NY is all the dogs. Lots and lots of dogs - all with their boy parts still in tact and pooping just any old place they please with nobody walking behind them with a poopie scooper. Poop piles all over the street! And they fight and it doesn´´t seem to bother their owners.

The architecture is really interesting and pretty. Feels like what I imagine the french quarter looked like when I look out of my balcony. No screens are on the windows or sliding glass doors because there are no little flitty bugs like in Maryland. There are, however, mosquitos.

I just love how everybody sits outside and just nurses a cup of coffee or glass of wine.


Chas said...

Boy parts intact?? Ewwww! (Oh, and piles of dog poop all over, I guess that's kind of icky too.)

Kris said...

Boy parts I can deal with, but poop, not so much. I don't take my eyes off the grass when I walk in it just to avoid poop, so if I lived there I would never see anything but the sidewalk.